Android App Builder


What is App Builder?

App Builder is for people who can’t code android apps, but nevertheless want to build their own App that can display any live online content, such as your website wrapped in an app.

This is also perfectly suited to people who create Virtual Tours using software such as Krpano or Autopano and who would like to sell those Virtual Tours as Apps to their clients.

Simply put, this is a html wrapper, ideal for wrapping Krpano Virtual Tours, Auto Pano Tours, even your entire website. All without the need to learn how to code.

This download contains all the necessary code and instructional videos for you to follow. This is largely a copy and paste process of building an App. You follow the instructions in the video, and you paste the code supplied into Android Studio. Instructions on how to setup Android Studio are also included.

Download  – App Builder Demo


Q: Can I sell what I build, for example if I wrap a Krpano Virtal Tour or a clients entire website into an App, can I sell that to my client?
A: Yes.

Q: Are there any additional fees for selling apps?
A: No, can use this download to create and sell as many apps as you like.

Q: Who owns the app I build using this download.
A: In theory you, or whoever you sell the app to.

Q: Can I build completely offline Apps using this download.
A: It’s currently not officially supported at this moment in time.


System Requirements and Information.
Windows, Mac or Linux computer.
Installation of Android Studio (PC, Mac or Linux)
This download is for building apps for the Android platform. (Apple iOS is not supported at this time)

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