VR 360 Tours

“NEW 17th May 2015”

VR 360’s are the “Next Generation” of Virtual Tours. You can view them as normal from any PC or Smart phone, or strap on your Virtual Reality headset such as Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, and enter the amazing world of VR.

Bishops Palace (VR Sample of 5 rooms) Ballyduff Parish Church

Check back soon for more VR Samples.

Virtual Tours

Ballyduff Parish Church – Walk-through + 360
Ballyduff Parish Church

Holy Family Parish Church – Walk-through + 360
Holy Family Parish Church

360 Degree Tour – Waterford Crystal Showrooms
Waterford Crystal Showroom

360 Degree Tour – Tramore Parish Church
Tramore Parish Church

Waterford City (1.2 Billion Pixel View)
Waterford City

Dunmore East, Co Waterford (850 Million Pixel View)
Dunmore East, Co Waterford

3D Objects

Click on an image to open it as a 3D Object. Once opened, drag your mouse / finger slowly side to side while pressing on the image to see it rotate.

Custom Software

We specialise in creating high end software applications for the manufacturing industry and business of all sizes. Dedicated custom software is now well within the reach of even the smallest company. Supplier Approval, corrective management system, quality control systems, and much more. Our software solutions are trusted by leading companies trading globally to deliver the highest standards and are audited regular under Irish and EU law.

We also offer our own Virtual Tour services packaged in different formats. For example, if your business has a Gift Shop, then why not have your own Virtual Tour created and supplied as an interactive DVD you can sell.

Software Sample


If you require custom backing tracks for TV, Radio or Movies, or you wish to record your own CD, we have extensive experience in multimedia and a full range of services available unclinding PA Hire for events. Please feel free to enjoy this sample of our work.

Ar DtusJames TubbrittLeanbh Mo Chroi4.13 MB
Leanbh Mo ChroiJames TubbrittLeanbh Mo Chroi7.99 MB
Aister FarraigeJames TubbrittLeanbh Mo Chroi12.88 MB
Oiche ShamhaJames TubbrittLeanbh Mo Chroi9.24 MB
Banphrionsa FayeJames TubbrittLeanbh Mo Chroi11.67 MB
OnorachJames TubbrittLeanbh Mo Chroi12.87 MB
AislingeachJames TubbrittLeanbh Mo Chroi7.89 MB
TirghrathoirJames TubbrittLeanbh Mo Chroi10.74 MB
NeamhaiJames TubbrittLeanbh Mo Chroi10.56 MB
AoibhinnJames TubbrittLeanbh Mo Chroi7.25 MB
CainteachJames TubbrittLeanbh Mo Chroi7.77 MB
AthaontaighJames TubbrittLeanbh Mo Chroi7.71 MB
CleopatraJames TubbrittLeanbh Mo Chroi6.97 MB

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